Latoya has always recognized that there is pride
and honor in helping and improving the lives of
others. Whether serving as a soldier in the United
States Army, or by providing her time and expertise
by working with various organizations and
corporations.  Latoya truly believes in
"Service above Self"

In 2003, just one month after the initial invasion,
Latoya deployed in support of Operation Iraqi
Freedom.  She was severely wounded carrying
out a supply mission in Iraq.  The wounds that
she suffered earned her the Purple Heart Medal. 
After enduring a four month hospitalization, and
a subsequent two year rehabilitation, Latoya
emerged even stronger and more determined
to help and inspire the lives of others.

Latoya has become an often sought after national motivational and inspirational speaker. She is the recipient of the Tony Snow Public Service award, named in honor of former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.  Latoya is also the recipient of various other awards and commendations. Latoya will surely encourage your audience and will have your attendees feeling transformed and inspired!   Latoya is the author of the award-winning book, "The Immeasurable Spirit".

Latoya Lucas
      Copyright 2008 Latoya Lucas. All rights reserved
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