Words of praise

"You were truly inspirational, Latoya!  Hearing you relate your experience was an uplifting experience for all of us."
-General David H. Petraeus, Former US CENTCOM Commander

"I remember Latoya's smile lighting up the room...Her book will light up your life"
-Bo Derek,  Actress and model

"We are lucky to have people like you who care so much about inspiring others and bettering the community."
-Bill Ritter Jr., Former Governor of Colorado

"She has inspired so many others to draw strength from her adversity...Latoya has become a leader and a source of strength for fellow citizens..."
-Mark Udall, U.S. Senator

"Latoya has dedicated her life to inspiring others and showing them first-hand that it is possible to overcome obstacles, no matter how daunting they may seem."
-Richard Burr, U.S. Senator

"The Immeasurable Spirit is a challenging read.  It challenges you to make a commitment to service and to others in a compelling and heart-touching way.  Latoya Lucas' story inspires at a time when we need selfless inspiration.  Thank you, Latoya"
--Rear Admiral Janice Hamby, Director of Command Control Systems NORAD and U.S. Northern Command

"Latoya, you are a wonderful role model for our young people"
-Rep. Jo Bonner, 1st Congressional District, Alabama

"Thank you for carrying the torch of freedom for our beloved country"
--Kevin Greene, former All-Pro NFL Linebacker

          Copyright 2008 Latoya Lucas. All rights reserved
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